January 15, 2022

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards in India

Best budget mechanical keyboards in India

You guys are looking for the Best Gaming Keyboard for yourself under ₹2000, where you need a mechanical keyboard that is not only full of lighting but also has an excellent build quality. The problem with this is that if you look for a gaming keyboard on Amazon, you get a long list in front of you. So today, I will tell you the top five best mechanical gaming keywords that you get under ₹ 2000. All keyboards, you get all the good features, apart from this, the build quality of these keyboards is also excellent.

1. Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-16 Firefly Per-Key RGB Ten-Keyless Mechanical Keyboard with Outemu Blue Switch
  • Enhance your gaming experience with 18 preset configurations on mechanical keyboard and...
  • The Firefly comes with customized Outemu Blue Mechanical switches to ensure best quality...
  • Textured and contoured keycaps provide maximum grip and enhanced feel. No matter how fast...
  • The compact design of the keyboard takes up minimum tablespace for a neater and cleaner...
  • With keycaps leaning backward and forward design to make the typing more comfortable, the...

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The number one keyboard that you get is from Cosmic Byte. This keyboard is ten-keyless, so those who like compact size small keyboards can take it.

On this keyboard, you get per-key RGB in it. This keyboard comes with blue switches. If I talk to you about the Price, then this keyboard is available from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 2200, and it is very famous in the name of Firefly.

18 preset configurations are available for the mechanical keyboard, which you can change according to your comfort.

It also comes with a backward leaning position, which gamers require, meaning they make the keyboard curved.

Its build quality of button is also quite right, and it also comes with the braided cable. It is the only keyboard in which you get braided cable in this price range. Gold plated USB is also given in the keyboard.

2. Ant Esports Mechanical Pro

Ant Esports MK3400V2 W Mechanical Pro World of Warship Edition Wired RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • 104 Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - All keys Non-Conflict keys, removable Keycaps,...
  • Mechanical Blue Switch - Professional mechanical brown switches with tactile feedback and...
  • Ergonomic Design -The perfect curves, the ladder-design, 2 rubberized holders under the...
  • Unique Mechanical Feeling - With medium resistance, precise actuation, audible click...
  • Durable & Water-Resistant - The double-shot-moulded ABS keycaps and brushed metal panel...

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The number two keyboard that comes, you get it from ANT Esports, it also comes with the blue switch. In this, you will get a wristpad, plus the body that comes with it also comes in an aluminum finish, and it is metallic.

It has a perfect build and is Special for gaming because you are getting a wristpad and mechanical. According to the gamers, the rest of its keys are floating, and they are pretty fit.

It has effects, which can change them in many different effects. You will get 26 anti-ghosting keys, not all the keys do not come with anti-ghosting.

This is the keyboard, and its design is also very ergonomic and durable. You will also find water-resistant in it. You also get one year warranty on this.

3. Cosmic Byte Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12 Neon Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switch
  • Full size 104 Keys Blue Switch Mechanical keyboard
  • 50 Million+ Operations for Each Key
  • Anti Fading Double Shot Keycaps
  • Aluminium Body, Windows Lock Keys, Multimedia Keys, Gaming Mode
  • Rainbow Backlit, 10 Backlight Effects, 3 Level Brightness Adjustment, 3 Level Backlight...

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Number three keyboard that comes with Cosmic Byte’s CB-GK- 12. This keyboard will also give you a much more tremendous experience. If you have used any product of Cosmic Byte before, then Go for it is a perfect keyboard.

You will get an aluminum finish that is metallic on the top, and it is a WASD keyboard which means a wired aluminum sleek design keyboard. You do not get a braided cable but the cable build quality is good.

You will get all kinds of RGB effects, more than five to six. You get RGB at one time, using the Windows button key locker.

This keyboard is all-key anti-ghosting, which means all its keys are all anti-ghosting keys. The rest of its backlighting is named rainbow backlighting, which you can change in different effects. Almost 10 LED effects are given, you will be able to adjust the brightness to almost three levels. In this, software support is also available for customizing it.

4. Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard

Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical Keyboard with Drive Customization, Spectrum LED Lights, Media Control Knob and Wrist Support (Black)
  • Blue Switches: Shadow blade comes equipped with mechanical Blue Clicky Switches which...
  • LED: It has a 22 Spectrum LED Mode for the day and also for the night time. You can adjust...
  • Windows Key-Lock: With its Windows Key Lock you can play for long hours without being any...
  • Floating Key-Caps: The keycaps are perfectly placed which gives a clicky sound and...
  • Control Knob: Shadow Blade is also equipped with a Control Knob that helps you control...

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The number four keyboard that comes from Redgear, you get the shadow of Redgear. It is also a mechanical blue switch keyboard which will give you an excellent experience.

Its Price is around ₹ 1800 to 2200. It is a pretty good deal as you get floating keycaps here, and the design is again sleek and slim.

The build quality on the top is metallic, it is perfect, the cable is also not braided, but it comes with a rubberized and thick cord.

The buttons that are here, even if you want to turn off the light or not, you can easily see a button, all the buttons are correctly mentioned you can use it even in the day without the light.

In this, you will get 26 anti-ghosting keys. Anti-ghosting keys mean when you press four or five keys simultaneously, all the keys are pressed. You can not push the second key, because it will be missed. So in this, you are getting anti-ghosting which is almost 26.

You will also get one year warranty from Redgear.

5. HP GK100 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The keyboard that comes at number five in the list is HP GK 100, the mechanical gaming keyword. It comes in a sleek and slim design, comes with very few bezels, you do not get any wrist pad.

In this, you get a blue switch mechanical keyboard, which will also give you RGB effects quite right. You get the RGB effect in each of its buttons, and you can change its application in more than nine different gaming modes.

There is an aluminum build, and apart from that, its surface comes. The keys are not flat, they are curved according to the gamers. You will get a matte finish in them so that whenever you keep your fingers, they will not slip.

You will also get all the rest of the standard features in any mechanical keyboard. For this price, you get a blue switch mechanical keyboard. Coming to the cable, the cable’s build quality is quite good. For those who like the sleek and slim keyboard of a compact size from a brand like HP, you can get a mechanical keyboard for ₹ 2100, which is a fair deal.

The warranty of this keyboard will be one year.


Well, guys, all the keyboards mentioned in the list, in all you get blue switches, all are available around ₹ 2000, so you can choose any of these according to your need and your budget.
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