Best Cheap Mattresses

When shopping for a mattress on a cheap budget, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or comfort thanks to the wide selection of affordable options available. Therefore, the best cheap budget mattress is one that accommodates both your personal preferences and your body type while supporting you in your preferred sleeping position. There is no mattress that is best for everyone because different people have different needs from a bed.

Before going mattress shopping, think about your individual requirements. Once you’ve determined what features you want in a bed, you can reduce your options by reading unbiased reviews and finding out more about the capabilities of various cheap mattresses. Instead of relying on marketing speak, concentrate on performance across a range of categories since what might be a dealbreaker for one person may be a must-have for another.

Acquiring a Cheap Mattress: What to Expect?

You can find an affordable mattress with a great value, whether you’re looking for the best mattress on a tight budget for yourself or you’re trying to save with a temporary space or guest room. However, a cheaper mattress will unavoidably have some disadvantages:

  • Shorter height and fewer comfort layers: The most obvious distinction is that less expensive mattresses tend to be shorter than more expensive ones, which translates to fewer comfort layers inside. Less comfort may result from fewer layers, particularly for back pain sufferers, but you can also add a mattress topper for a fast upgrade.
  •  Firmer feel: Cheaper mattresses tend to be firmer because there are fewer layers that relieve pressure, but a mattress topper can help add softness, which is crucial because the firmness of your mattress should correspond to the position in which you sleep: Back or combo sleepers can be in the middle, while side sleepers and stomach sleepers require different surfaces.
  • Dubious brands: Be careful when purchasing from a reputable company because sometimes a deal seems too good to be true. Aside from well-known direct-to-consumer brands, like Amazon and other companies also sell reasonably priced mattresses with dependable customer support.
  • Low-cost materials: Foam, coils, or a combination of both can be used to fill mattresses. We advise avoiding spring mattresses in favour of mattress toppers because they might be less comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Cheap Mattress?

Here are some tips on choosing a mattress that is cheap:

There is no doubt that cheap mattresses aren’t as durable as mid-range and expensive models, which is why many of them have limited warranties that only cover specific flaws. The following list of cheap mattresses shows that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or support when choosing a mattress. Additionally, you should expect to give up some features in exchange for a low price.

Our best advice is to only purchase a low-cost mattress if it is available for trial or if a longer-than-30-day money-back guarantee is offered. This is true of each of our top picks from the list above. Additionally, it is a good idea to read previous user reviews to learn what other people thought of the mattress. This is especially important if the reviews come from people who have used the mattress for more than a year and can address the issue of durability, which is a common problem with cheap mattresses.

Take into account the following when choosing the best cheap mattress for you:

  • Sleeping position (side, stomach, back or combi)
  • Your body type (heavier people won’t get enough support from thinner mattresses).
  • Regardless of whether you share a bed, motion isolation and strong edge support are necessary.
  • The base you’re using it on (though some budget mattresses can’t be used directly on the floor, the majority are compatible with all types of beds).
  • Whether you have the option to return it or swap it out for a better option.

Cheap mattresses: Are they worth it?

A mattress is not necessarily of lower quality because it is priced reasonably. In fact, a mattress on a budget might suit your needs better than one that costs two or three times as much.

Any sleeper can find a mattress that is supportive enough to keep their body from sinking too much while still feeling soft enough to support their spine and relieve pressure. Because of this, one of the most crucial considerations when selecting a new mattress is the firmness level. There is a good chance that your needs will be met by an affordable mattress with a firmness level that suits your body type and sleeping position.

The most effective way to find out if a mattress is right for you is to sleep on it. The majority of online mattress retailers offer sleep trials, which give you at least 90 nights to try out the mattress. In some cases, there might be a small return fee if you decide the mattress is too soft or too firm before the trial period ends. To find the mattress that’s best for you, we recommend having the most sleep trials.


According to our research, quality and price aren’t always directly correlated. Numerous mattresses of excellent quality can be found here. Even better, if you don’t plan to use it in your master bedroom or only need it temporarily, you can purchase it for less money.

We have seen a reduction in prices over the past five years as more bed-in-a-box companies entered the market, and we have also seen quality and durability improve.

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