Best Water Purifier in India

Water is the main constituent of our daily life, its purity always remains a matter of concern. Whether you use groundwater or tap water supplied through the common water tank of your society, should be purified first, sanity and cleanliness are a priority in all aspects. Even if you are taking all the precautions at your home to purify the water still it is not guaranteed that the water you are drinking is not contaminated.

During the distribution of water from the source to the destination that is your home, it gets contaminated due to various reasons, sometimes pipelines may get damaged or sometimes other impurities are added to the main water supply. This causes tap water to smell and taste different due to the impurities. Drinking impure water can also cause epidemics and that may be fatal to many families. That’s why you need to use the best water purifier in your home.

Reasons why you need to buy the best water purifier:

1. For effective filtration: 

Many times you get the tap water supply from the municipalities. They use chlorine and chloramine to eliminate microorganisms. Another contamination in this water is not known to you. Also, many times water is mixed with mud, which is not consumable by the people. In the rainy season, this is a common problem. There is no alternative to clean water that is to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals, present in drinking water but to use the water purification system at home. As these impurities are not physically seen with the naked eye but can have a serious health impact on your health.

2. To add an extra level of security:

There are many reasons for the contamination of water. In industrialised areas polluted water finds its way into the tap water, lead from industries or faulty water pipelines can cause the pollution of water. The residue of the pesticides from the nearby farm can have a serious impact on water contamination, and if this water is consumed by people can cause serious health issues.

Therefore it is always advisable to add an extra layer of security to your municipal and local water system. This extra layer of security is provided by a household water purification system, which can remove a wide range of impurities from the water. This ensures that you will not end up drinking unsafe water.

3. Improve the taste and odour of your tap water:

Water with a refreshing taste and no unpleasant odour is like a blessing and can have a big impact on your well-being and quality of life. Most municipalities use chlorine as the main disinfectant which causes a chlorinated taste in water, this is the main issue with tap water. The most irritating factor about odour is the hydrogen sulphide as it smells like rotten eggs.

A water purification system not only helps to remove the impurities from the water but also improves the taste, visual appearance, and smell of the water. This system removes the organic and inorganic substances, chlorine, and soil residue from the water.

4. Reduces plastic pollution.

Most people prefer bottled water worldwide due to its benefits like its being portable and considered a safe choice for drinking water. The use of bottled water has grown more than ten per cent over the last decade. But the convenience of use of bottled water comes with many problems having high environmental costs. Costs such as plastic pollution, energy, transportation, and extra uses of water make bottled water an unsustainable choice for drinking water.

So tap water is the best solution for drinking water, as it is not only cheap but also environmentally sustainable. By installing water purifiers at home consumers can get clean water directly from their homes.

5. To avoid common sicknesses:

Water-borne disease is the main cause of sickness in children as well as adults. Viral infection is common nowadays and affects health and pocket many times a year. Water-borne diseases are due to their harmful constituents and impurities dissolved in them. Chlorine in water is the main culprit for causing cancer and other major diseases. Also municipal water many times cause a bacterial outbreak, which causes several water-borne infections.

Factors to be Considered When Buying a Water Purifier

Before buying a water purifier you have to consider the following parameters

You need to taste the water quality:

Most people ignore the fact that tasting the water before buying a water purifier is essential. Taste also represents the quality of the water we are drinking. You can take a decision based on the smell of the water sometimes you find a bleach smell coming from the water if you find water which smells like rotten eggs then it indicates bacterial growth in the water. Therefore it is necessary to taste the water before buying a water purifier.

Check whether your purifier removes all the impurities:

There are some categories of water contaminants like biological, chemical, physical, etc. water purifier uses a combination of technologies to remove these contaminants. So check whether your purifier can remove all the impurities or not.

Regularly change the filters after some use of the purifier:

Filters do the same work in all water purifiers to pass the clean water and block the impurities, so after some interval, these filters are clogged and can’t do their work that much efficacy. Therefore you have to change the filters after a particular time interval. There are some purifiers which come with alarms that alert you about the filters change.

Disadvantages of the water purifier:

  • High cost: installing a water purifier, and changing the filters at regular intervals takes some amount.
  • Wastage: the discarded filters added more waste to the landfills. Also, impurities removed from the filters are not always disposed of properly.
  • Energy consumption: water purifier uses the processes like reverse osmosis, which requires electricity. Also in the production and consumption of water purifiers, it consumes energy.
  • Time: water purifier takes time to purify the water, and customers have to wait for drinkable water.

All in all, installing water purifiers in the home is an investment in your health, and the environment, and a smart way to reduce the cost you are spending on bottled water. There are many water purifiers available in the market, you need to choose one for your home that suits your requirements. 

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