Convection Microwave

When looking for a new appliance, you might have noticed that some microwaves have a convection setting that enables you to bake, roast, and do other things. But how is a convection microwave different from a regular microwave? Is it worth the additional expense? Can you use a convection microwave in your kitchen? Does it speed up cooking? Do not worry if you are confused; we are available to help you.

Convection microwave: What is it?

In addition to being able to heat food, a convection microwave also allows you to bake and roast food. It combines some of the features of two kitchen appliances, a microwave and a convection oven. Convection microwaves can be a smart choice for tiny kitchens, apartments, and recreational vehicles (RVs) because of their adaptability and compact size.

How does a convection microwave work?

Butter can be melted in a microwave, leftovers can be reheated, and frozen meals can be prepared in a microwave. However, a convection microwave oven uses an additional heating element and fan to circulate hot air throughout the cavity, enabling you to bake and roast food with results similar to those from a traditional oven. Microwave convection ovens come with racks that allow multiple dishes to be microwaved together. When a convection element is combined with a microwave, some foods cook faster. When you upgrade to a convection microwave, you can roast, bake, cook, and crisp.

Benefits of Convection Microwave

Convection microwave ovens can benefit your kitchen and cooking style in a variety of ways because of their versatility. 

  • Faster cooking times because convection and microwave cooking are combined.
  • The convection setting allows for more even cooking.
  • A rack that enables simultaneous use of several dishes in the microwave.

Convection microwave ovens reduce the appliance footprint in your kitchen in addition to these advantages because they combine your microwave and oven into one unit. Consequently, if space is limited, convection microwaves are going to be acceptable.

How to use a convection microwave?

Making meals simple by baking or roasting in your microwave is possible with some knowledge of convection microwaves. Convection microwave baking differs slightly from simple reheating in that you can make anything from muffins and pies to casseroles and roasts.

In convection microwaves, dishes are placed on a convection rack which promotes air circulation for even baking. The convect option on your microwave will guide you through the preheating process after the rack is placed on the turntable. After that, you can cook food in the preheated microwave by placing it inside and setting a timer. It’s similar to cooking food in the oven.

Best microwave convection brands in India

1. Samsung 281

In each of their product categories, Samsung has never once failed to offer at least one high-quality product. Samsung Convection Microwaves aren’t too far behind Samsung Phones, which are well among the best smartphones on the market. One of the top convection microwave ovens Samsung has ever produced is the 28l model, according to ratings and reviews. The first benefit of its 28-litre capacity is that it is suitable for large-family homes. With the added benefit of simple interior maintenance, its ceramic cavity guarantees a scratch- and stain-free experience for everyone. Because of the calibre of its convection fan, this Samsung convection oven is considered to be among the best convection microwave ovens for baking. The SlimFry technology in this Samsung convection microwave even makes it possible to prepare your favorite fried foods in a healthy manner without using a traditional deep fryer, which is even better if you enjoy fried food but don’t want to suffer the consequences.

2. IFB 251

You’re going to be completely floored by this convection microwave. With this convection microwave’s auto cook system, you can cook 26 different cuisines and flavours while also baking, grilling, preheating, and defrosting. The convection microwave will choose the best temperature for cooking your food once you’ve chosen the food’s type and entered its weight. The 2000 Watt powerhouse also means that you won’t have to wait a long time for your food to cook. The top convection microwave oven is worth its value because of its additional safety features, which include a child lock system, protection from overheating, and a sensor malfunction.

3. Whirlpool 301

This is yet another excellent convection microwave that is incredibly adaptable and reasonably priced. As one of the first companies to produce household electronics, Whirlpool hasn’t let us down with their best convection microwave to date. One of its standout features, aside from its 30l capacity, spacious cavity, and three cooking modes, is its adjustable multi-stage cooking function. This function enables the user to set specific cooking times, temperatures, and power levels for different phases of their cooking cycle, ensuring consistently excellent results.

When you thought things couldn’t get any better, this Whirlpool Convection Microwave oven gives you the option to combine two cooking modes or use the grill, microwave, or convection modes separately, giving you the flexibility to follow the instructions of your recipes as needed. The best convection microwave from Whirlpool also features an air fryer, allowing you to enjoy your favourite fried foods without the drawbacks of traditional frying. Your parathas, rotis, and naans will be prepared in this convection microwave using a Tandoor technology, which replicates the results of an actual tandoor.

4. Godrej 231

One of the best convection microwave ovens on the market is made by Godrej, a company known for producing high-quality products at reasonable prices. One of the best convection microwave ovens on the market is made by Godrej, a company known for producing high-quality products at reasonable prices. This microwave has a large interior cavity, a stylish design with a touch keypad, and can do all the same regular tasks as the other top convection microwave ovens (baking, preheating, grilling, and defrosting) while also being incredibly cost-effective. 

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