Which chimney Brand is Better, Elica, Faber or Hindware?

It is impossible to neglect the chimney because it is an important component of the kitchen. Chimneys have seen several changes, from being prehistoric ventilation devices to being contemporary electric kitchen ventilation.

Particularly in Indian households, cooking entails steps like deep-frying, boiling, grilling, and sauteing with oils and a variety of spices, which produces a lot of dust, oil, and smoke. Having a reliable chimney is an essential part of an efficient ventilation system.

Due to its many functions and great quality, modern electric chimneys are currently the most popular type of ventilation. They eliminate harmful gases and other impurities, as well as cut down on carbon monoxide levels in your kitchen while you’re cooking. Elica, Faber, and Hindware are the three most well-known and high-quality chimney brands on the market right now. You can choose from a variety of chimney solutions, depending on your kitchen’s needs!

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Elica is a business with Italian origins that has entered the Indian market. One of the leading chimney brands in India, the company has its manufacturing facilities in Pune, Maharashtra. It is a well-known brand in the kitchen goods industry across the globe and is also one of the top choices among Indian consumers.

Elicia quickly came to popularity as one of India’s most dependable chimney brands thanks to its broad range of features, distinctive designs, and premium goods.

Their chimneys are available in a variety of styles and widths, from 65 cm to over 90 cm. They provide unique goods that are reasonably priced, simple to handle, and straightforward to install (check how to install a chimney in the kitchen). They provide more than 50 different chimney types, including deep quiet type, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and hanging mount kitchen chimneys, in up to 15 different model variations.

Warranty: More warranties are available from Elica than from any other brand in India.

Design: They provide a wide selection of chimneys.

Suction Power: It features a variant with a 1425 cubic meter per hour maximum suction capacity.

Silent: The Elica brand offers a distinctive selection of models with a silent fireplace.


  • Superior led bulbs.
  • Distinct oil collector.
  • Touch screen for simple accessibility.
  • Heating element and automatic cleaning technology.
  • Motion detectors.
  • It takes up less space.


  • The installation costs are high.
  • The auto-clean feature does not clean the baffle filters.


Another well-known chimney brand on the globe is Faber. They have manufacturing facilities all around the world, notably in Europe, North America, and India, and they definitely control the global market.

With regard to features and quality, Faber offers chimneys that are excellent. They ensure that their items operate well over an extended period of time and have really beautiful and impressive designs.

There is something for everyone because they have approximately 50 models available on the market, at almost every price level. The width of Faber chimneys ranges from 60 to 90 cm to accommodate different gas cooking range sizes. In contrast to other products, Faber offers an extended warranty. Their chimneys can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall. Faber also offers silent operation.

Warranty: A five-year warranty is included with Faber kitchen chimneys.

Design: Faber offers a wide selection of chimney ranges that match the design of your kitchen.

Suction Power: This brand’s maximum suction capacity is 1500 cubic meters per hour.

Silent: Faber chimney models are quiet, they are not as quiet as Elica models.


  • Strong motor for effective suction
  • Technology for Touch & Motion Sensor AutoClean
  • Free of charge maintenance
  • High-efficiency led lighting


  • It is Pricey.


You can trust Hindware Appliances’ chimneys for a smoke-free and healthful cooking experience. These chimneys allow you to cook without any fumes thanks to a special combination of futuristic design and cutting-edge technology. Hindware’s Chimneys are made from high-quality materials and are expertly built with modern contemporary aesthetics in mind to go along with your elegant kitchen designs. Hindware Appliances’ chimneys are a perfect choice if you want top-notch ventilation and sturdy construction. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you can select from Island Hoods, Decorative Hoods, Designer Hoods, Straight Line Hoods, and Auto Clean Hoods.

Warranty: Hindware is offered with a maximum 5-year warranty.

Design: This company offers product designs for the future.

Suction Power: All variants contain a high-performance motor sensor and forced suction power with a maximum usable power of 1250/hr.

Silent: An Indian company called Hindware has cutting-edge characteristics; their chimneys are less noisy and don’t irritate.


  • Very Reasonable.
  • Technology for Thermal Auto-Cleaning.
  • Glass with a curved design and a black body.
  • Efficacious Metabolic Blower.
  • Available oil collector.
  • Push-button operation is simple.
  • Double LED Lights.
  • Lowered noise Curve.


Nothing of much.

Elica Vs Faber vs Hindware Chimney: Which brand should I choose?

It might be challenging and time-consuming to select the ideal chimney that satisfies all of your needs. For this reason, we advise you to compare chimneys before selecting one. But the three brands we’ve been contrasting in this article both have distinctive qualities that might be interesting.

Elica offers high-quality, noise-free chimneys in comparison to other brands. While Faber is a trusted alternative that is typically more durable and long-lasting. If you need good ventilation and a sturdy structure, Hindware chimneys are the best choice.

In comparison to Elica, Faber and Hindware offer a variety of special features like 3-way suction power. Faber is definitely a better option if you want your kitchen to be smoke- and oil-free because it is suited to Indian kitchens and homes.

The most important thing is selecting the product that meets your needs, so it is important to identify those needs. With the help of this comparison, you can choose the ideal chimney for your kitchen and home!


In this article, We have compared chimneys brand Elica, Faber and Hindware. So, which chimney brand would you like? Elica, Faber or Hindware. Please tell me in the comment section.

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